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The Earrings, or Remember to be Kind


These are my “Remember to be Kind to People” earrings. That’s what I think whenever I put these on. I will purposely wear them if I know I am going into a situation that is trying or where something may happen that will annoy me. These earrings have super powers that cause me to be kind. Or so I pretend.

Does anyone else do that? Assign thoughts and powers to inanimate objects? I have done it for years. In college I had an opal ring that I would focus on during exams and draw wisdom from the universe. Logically I know these claims are all in my mind. But they are useful if only because they help me focus my thoughts on matters at hand. A talisman if you will.

Back to the earrings. They had auspicious beginnings. I bought them on Harry London Day. If you would like to learn more about Harry London Day, read here https://sanctuaryacres.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/happy-harry-london-day/.  That special day is all about sharing and relationships and love. Each time I put them on, I remember the joy that day brought. I want to be responsible for spreading joy and love. And so I wear the earrings. Each time I put them on I think of them endowing me with the power to always be kind and conduct myself in a manner so that people know I care about them. If I know I am going to see a person that I find tries my patience, or into a situation that may be stressful, on go the earrings. And as I go throughout the day I occasionally remember that I have them on and check to make sure that I am behaving in a tolerant and thoughtful manner.

Although it seems silly to bestow earrings with characteristics that they obviously do not possess, if good comes of it, then it is indeed a magical thing!