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Zeke’s Progress

Zeke went to see the vet on Monday. We were concerned about him because when released from his crate, he makes a beeline for the water bowl and drinks like he just crossed a desert. You can’t get his attention to get him outside until he is done.

The vet found nothing wrong. He is apparently just getting so thirsty because he becomes so distraught when we leave, that he drools himself into dehydration. There is literally standing drool in his crate so deep when I come back that I need paper towels to mop it up. And the entire front of him is drenched.

Between this and all his other antics, such as trying to attack people on bikes, and joggers, we opted to put Zeke on Prozac for a destress and retraining period.

So far it is helping slightly. And this is early, the medicine can take several weeks to build to full potential. The amount of time that he spends frantically jumping on me when I return home from work is less. The crazed look in his eye is less. This morning I didn’t hear him barking when I closed the door for work.

I am also going to try something else my vet recommended. Puppy popsicles! Apparently licking is more calming than chewing, thus the popsicles. Take water or broth, low sodium of course, and put things in it like hot dog shavings, very tiny bits of cheese or peanut butter, etc. and freeze in ice cube trays or muffin tins. Give one in a metal bowl (plastic bowls may get eaten) when you go away. Give one once in a while too when you’re home so there isn’t always a stressful event associated with it.

Zeke’s metal bowl is chewed full of holes all around the top and bent nearly in half. We straighten it from time to time. I don’t know of any thing to feed him in that would be safer though.

Updates to follow as they develop!