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Normally Mischievous? Don’t Be Fooled.

Zekie is not always anxious and getting into trouble. He can also be a happy and playful dog. He plays with toys and invites us to chase him too. In fact, if we never went away from home, we could be tricked into thinking that he is a normally mischievous pup.

But we know better. The separation anxiety and leash reactivity are still lurking beneath the surface and waiting to come out. We haven’t done a good job of walking dogs lately. Between icy or rainy weather and bouts of flu, the walks haven’t happened. So I haven’t been working on the reactivity.

On the plus side, the damage to Zeke’s cruciate ligament must have been a partial tear. He runs on that leg with no problem now. He even leaps to catch the frisbee. So either the leg is healing, or the muscles are strengthening enough to compensate for the injury. The thigh muscle on that leg is still slightly smaller than the other one but the bulk is greatly improved. That leg is well on the way to recovery.

So life with the Zekester continues, status quo.

That Face

The face of innocence. Don’t you believe it for a second. This does capture a peaceful moment though.

This is how Zekie waits for me to go to work once I start heating up and loading the car. He has given up following me from room to room and just lays in a chair where he can monitor my movements.

If I were the only one home, he would be laying on the back of the couch, frantically watching out the window. But daddy is still home so all is not lost. Living with a dog with separation anxiety is not easy.