My Favorite Part of Retirement

Hanging out with the kitten
Spending time with the kitten.

One of my favorite things about retirement is the end of the day. I used to put off bedtime as long as I reasonably could when I was working. Bedtime meant that my evening was over. Once I went to sleep, it seemed like no time had passed and then it was time to go back to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked my job as an environmental scientist. It just got in the way of my life and what I wanted to be doing at home. Now, at the end of the evening when I am tired, I just happily go to bed, knowing that when I wake up I can pick up where I left off. Or do something else of my choosing. I don’t have to put in 8+ hours at work before I can come home again. It’s like endless summer vacation!

I have talked to a few other retirees about this and they feel the same way. Time freedom is a grand thing!

There are many other wonderful aspects of retirement that I touched on in a previous post. You can read about them here. Retirement: Run by Dogs! If you would like to share in finding out more, don’t forget to like my blog and follow along.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Part of Retirement

  1. I TOTALLY get it! I worked in advertising for 26 years (21 of those were at The Plain Dealer)…..I lost my last job here in Michigan in 2007 due to company downsizing and was unable to find work for a while, then I helped care for my husband’s aging parents, etc. While my “retirement” wasn’t planned….it was kind of forced on me, I agree I zillion percent with everything that you said! I often fall asleep on the couch, I do get up around 6 (I stay up til about 1am or so), getting up at 6 beats getting up at 5am for all of those years! I no longer dread Sunday nights either!

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