A Summertime Walk

Pink sweet peas
Pink Sweetpeas

We haven’t been walking much lately because, well, there’s just so much to do around here in the summer time. After weeding, planting, deadheading plants, fertilizing, going on bug patrol (hello Japanese beetles), transplanting, trimming bushes and trees, not to mention mowing, there are not a lot of hours left in the day.

Black eyed Susan’s
Black-eyed Susan’s

However this afternoon, the dogs were so insistent and hopeful, that we couldn’t bear to refuse them a walk. And they really needed the exercise after being cooped up from yesterday’s rains.

Day lilies
Day lilies

So, we loaded the dogs up in the car and went to one of our regular trails at West Branch State Park. It is interesting to see how the plants along the trail side change with the seasons. I took pictures of a few of the wildflowers that we saw today as walked.

Wild rose
Wild Rose

It was a cool day, so the flies weren’t even too bad. It was nice to enjoy an outing with the pups.

White/light pink Sweetpeas

Being a weekday afternoon, we had the trail to ourselves which made for a relaxing time.

White Yarrow

There were many more types of wildflowers in bloom than what I am sharing here. This means we also saw lots of bees, and my favorite, a hummingbird moth!

Claire and me, on the ride home

Here is a selfie of Claire and me on the ride back home. She always sits on my lap in the car. It is the only way I know of to keep her from getting carsick!

2 thoughts on “A Summertime Walk

  1. love that photo of you and Claire! How old is she? I am asking because Levi was getting car sick but didn’t on his most recent trip to the Vet to be neutered, so I’m praying he’s done with that. Love the flowers on your trail. Won’t be any walking for me because I fractured my ankle in multiple places this past Friday, so my husband will have to walk Levi alone.

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    1. Claire is 6 now, she was 5 when we got her. She is the only dog we’ve had that gets car sick. We just handle it by having my husband drive while I hold her since she is mostly ok on my lap. If the roads or windy or the trip is long, the car sickness is still an issue. She threw up on me and in the side pocket of the car once. Yuck! I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle. That sounds painful. Take care of yourself and I hope you heal up soon!


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