What To Do on a Cold Day?

Well, snuggle under a blanket of course!

If you are a dog at our house, you also nestle close to another dog, or momma, for extra warmth. If you’re desperate, maybe a cat. Our cats and dogs are also frequently found napping in front of the wood burner.

Two dogs napping
Cassius and Baxter napping.


If you’re a human at our house, you grab a blanket and wait for a dog to wedge himself in beside you. It will only take a matter of seconds. In fact, you will soon have multiple dogs vying for the spot beside you. The winner sits next to momma. The runner up sits on the far end of the couch. The rest of the pups will grab one of various dog beds scattered around the room or sit on the other couch. Occasionally, one of the dogs will grab a spot on the large area rug. The rug also has value to the dogs because all the rest of the house has hardwood floors. When we take them to grandma’s, whose entire house is carpeted, they view it as one giant dog bed.

Books and Reading
Coffee and Books!

Personally, I have a mug of coffee or tea and a book with me as well, nearly ever time I am snuggled up. This is the best way to pass a winter’s day. Dogs, coffee, books. Does it get any better? I think not.

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