How Do You Zoom?

Zekie Dog and mommy on a Zoom call
Zekie and mommy attending a meeting

Do you participate in Zoom meetings?

Many people do these days. Coronavirus keeps us from group gatherings and meetings so we are often using the computer to conduct business. We even see family for holidays and visits by Zoom or FaceTime. We are fortunate to have technology to use in this way. It makes our separation more bearable. Not pain free, but still more tolerable.

This picture sums up how I appear at some point during most of my conference calls. Zekie hears me talking and not paying attention to him. So he ensures that I do pay attention to him. When he comes leaping into my lap, and into camera view, he is always good for a laugh from the audience. They can see him saying “Momma, I’m here.”

I consider myself lucky to have such a social, friendly, and interactive dog. And as you see, he can also be quite a clown.

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