What To Write?

Hello Dear Readers,

My brain has been working overtime on new ideas and I have not been able to make a decision, so I am asking for feedback and opinions. I plan to write a book, but I keep changing my mind as to what I should focus on. It will be non-fiction since my thought processes tend toward the technical. All those years as an environmental scientist served me well. I have started some books, but need to pick one and follow through. My choices for you are as follows:

  1. An autobiography focusing on the animals I have encountered in my life and how they have affected it.
  2. My country lifestyle and day to day happenings including animals, gardening, cooking, and more.
  3. Views From the Patio. This would consist of my thoughts and interpretations of anything, from foster dogs to nature to current events.
  4. A cookbook. It would be vegetarian based and give occasional ways to add meat into a basically vegetarian meal since that is how we eat, with one vegetarian/pescatarian and one omnivore in the household.
  5. A book centered on the animals I have rescued over the years.
  6. My blog posts bound into a book, by category. ie. Rescue Happenings, Gardening, etc.

I am interested to know which of these subjects is most appealing to you since I seem to be equally attached to all of them. And I may write about all of them but I have to start some where. If you have other ideas, feel free to mention those too!

Thanks for the input.