Day of the Raccoon

We’ve been wildlife central this past week. Earlier we had an encounter with a skunk which you can read about here. Day of the Skunk

We have also trapped four mice, but no squirrels or chipmunks, which is what we were trying for.

Two days ago, hubby looked out the kitchen window and saw a raccoon in the side yard not too far from the vegetable garden. He said “we do not need a raccoon around here” and went outside to chase it away. I went out a minute later and what I saw is pictured above. A tiny little raccoon clinging to the branches of one of our redbud trees about six feet off the ground. He was very tiny, not even an adolescent. He was frightened and seemed barely skilled enough to stay in the tree as he hung on for dear life.

We decided he was so young that we didn’t have the heart to chase him. Just one of the things I love about my hubby. So, we went back inside and a little while later Mr.Raccoon was gone.