Bread Art

I have been baking a lot of bread so we don’t have to place as many orders to the grocery store. By the way, curbside pickup is great.

The bread recipe I used made enough dough for two loaves, so I baked one and refrigerated the remainder of the dough for when we needed it. The rise time for the second loaf was longer because it started from the refrigerated temperature. I placed the dough in the bread pan and into the oven, and heated the oven to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, then turned it off. The dough raises for an hour normally. I had to reheat the oven and let it raise for additional time.

The dough time got away from and I let the dough rise a little too long. The dough draped oven the edge of the pan as you can see. I turned it out onto the rack upside down for cooling.

The overhanging dough isn’t really a problem, it just gave me a good chuckle. We are enjoying the bread just as much. With some butter and grape jelly, it is quite delicious.