Geese Begone

Zekie has indeed found his calling. Our neighbor phoned again yesterday and said the geese were back and would I come over again with the dogs. It took us longer to walk next door than it did for Zekie to run the geese off! Baxter came along to supervise and leave extra canine scent.

As we approached the pond, I reached down and slipped Zekie’s collar and leash off. I don’t leave them on just in case he should get tangled in some weeds under the water. The birds were on the water swimming but Zekie immediately ran at them and into the water just far enough to drive one out on the opposite shore. Then Zekie got out of the water and sprinted to the opposite side of the pond. The goose on the shore and the one still in the water took flight and were gone, honking their displeasure as they left.

Zekie didn’t even go after them. He knew his job was done and he should stay near me. He check out a nearby shed but still stayed nearby. He looked so proud. He knows he was a good boy.