Subbing: The Journey Continues

I didn’t sign up for any substitute teaching jobs last week. I did have one today. I signed up for third grade but got switched to where I was needed-fifth grade.

Oh my goodness, they never stop talking. I am seeing a pattern here. In three of the four subbing assignments I have had so far, the students talk all during class, and loudly. I would say this is students giving the substitute teacher a hard time.

I am not quite sure what to do about this, but I will figure it out. Aside from the requisite asking them to be quiet in many ways, I threatened to take away points they earn for good behavior, to leave a note for their teacher, etc. I reassigned some seats to separate those who needed it. Did you know kids these days have the technology to make their computers repeat what you say? Oh, joy.

I was thanked for switching teaching assignments and told they could use me every day. I think a couple days a week might be my limit. There are always a few reliable kids who help me out. God bless them!