Keepsakes For Valentine’s Day

Every year for the past several years my husband puts on a Valentine’s dinner for the family. He does all the menu planning, shopping, and cooking. My part for the last couple of years has been to procure some type of keepsake dinnerware or drink ware to be used during the meal. Each person then gets to take the item home with them.

This year I planned ahead. Yay,me! I decided to make something individualized for each guest. I purchased white ceramic bowls and ceramic paint pens. Then I created a custom design on each bowl of something I thought would be meaningful to the person. The back has the guest’s name and the date of the dinner.

This is the bowl I made for my husband. (I’m not showing any others at this time because I don’t want to spoil the surprise!) The artwork is two of his favorite dogs, Baxter and Phoebe, along with various hearts because it is Valentine’s Day.


The project did take me 5 hours to do all the bowls and I still have to bake on the designs, but it was fun. I hope everyone will enjoy their bowl throughout the year and remember the good time we had.