School Days, Again

It’s back to school for me. Except this time, I’m the teacher!

As one of my new job options that I’m exploring, I am working as a substitute teacher. Today was my first day. I had 7th graders and it went pretty well. I do tend to like kids this age. I started with an assignment that was only a half day. I thought this would break me in slowly and give me time to take care of that pesky, mandatory paperwork that every job requires.

My subject was English and the teacher prepared well for her absence and left instructions for what the kids were to do. The morning passed with me receiving only one eye-roll and only having to say once “please don’t assault your classmate”. (This was just a couple kids good-naturedly snapping each other with their fingers, no real violence.)

Tomorrow I am giving 2nd grade a try. I’m sure this will be quite different so we’ll see how I like it. I think I will enjoy the kids and this is part of my “give them all a try” plan. One nice aspect is the school day is much shorter than what I was used to working as a scientist. I am only there for seven hours and this includes lunch.

After spending a full day in the class room tomorrow, I will let you know if seven hours still seems to be a shorter time!