Fall Hiking

The summer heat is tapering off.

Except for today when I refused to go outside in the afternoon.

Cooler weather means a return to hiking for us.

Last Saturday I took Zeke and Shelby for hike.

And then on Sunday we took the dogs and hiked at Towners Woods. Although I am out of shape, it was a fun time. And I am in better shape than before I went.

We did try to hike this morning before it got too hot but Cassius re-injured his toe. He tore the nail off it while running at high speeds and turns in the pasture. The trail was rather rocky so it didn’t go well. We turned around and came back home when Cassius started having trouble. There were also quite a few mountain bikers using the trail so it was crowded.

But with fall being near, we should have numerous opportunities for other hikes. Looking forward to it!