The Five

This collage illustrates why life is good! Dogs! These are our five dogs.

Nikki, upper left, is our oldest at 12. She is also our tiniest dog weighing in at 22 lbs. Shelby, upper right, is our other sheltie. She is nine years old, and protector of the house. She warns us about approaching storms, or really rain of any sort. She also alerts us to vehicles passing the house, especially when those garbage men come and steal our trash. These two are referred to as “the girls” and are my regulars for visits to the nursing home.

Zeke, aka Zekie, is our not quite sheltie. He was transported to us for fostering as such. He’s more of a spitz type that may have some sheltie thrown in. He is our problem child. He has severe separation anxiety possibly from being abandoned at a shelter. Or perhaps he was abandoned at a shelter because of the separation anxiety. Either way, he is a loving boy.

Baxter is sunning himself and enjoying the fountain. He was dropped off here as a pup 10 years ago. What a blessed day it was for us.

And lastly is Cassius the greyhound. He is 6 years old and a retired racer. I think he enjoyed racing. He still loves to run and play. He has no idea how big he is and our lives would not be complete without him.

Take a moment to pet and love your own dogs. They each make our lives all the richer.