Mr. Innocent

This is the second bowl that Zeke has “re-sculpted” since we’ve had him. It has looked like this for quite some time, I just don’t care anymore.

I don’t know when he does this. We never leave the bowl in the crate with him and go away anymore. The bowl comes out and the Nylabone goes in the crate if we are going away. When he’s in his crate for a brief time after meals, I don’t hear any noise. I don’t think he even had any canine fangs left by the time he mangled this one. (They were broken off in attempts to escape the crate when we were away.)

Although Zeke still sounds like a wild child, and I suppose he is, he is much improved from where he started. He is a good companion and relatively obedient. He does get into things but stops when we tell him to. So although he is a work in progress (aren’t we all?) things are at more of an even keel.

Here is Mr. Innocent at a friend’s house with me.