A Quick Evening Walk

I volunteered at an AKC Obedience Trial yesterday and today so only a little time for weeding this evening and a quick walk around the yard. This is my new foxglove plant, also known as digitalis. Haven’t decided where to put it yet, but we have been wanting one.

These blooms are from three different azalea bushes. The last one is very old. The trunk is as big around as a small tree.

Our traditional lilacs are in bloom. Not a lot of flowers on them this year, but the Miss Kim’s and the French lilacs are still to come.

And the lily of the valley are just starting to open up. My mother used to have lilac and lily of the valley perfumes. I wish I could find them now. They smelled remarkably like the real thing. I hope

I hope you are getting out to enjoy your own flowers. Spring is a beautiful and peace inducing thing.