Simple Pleasures

It took me no time at all to know what to write down under the heading “Simple Pleasures” in my planner/journal.

Each day when I get home from work the first thing I do is greet my spouse and all the dogs. Then I put on water for afternoon tea. My husband and I catch up from the day while the dogs lounge around us. If we have a snack, the dogs beg and are usually successful.

After a while we may take the dogs for a walk or throw the frisbee for them. Their frisbee games involve Baxter repeatedly catching the frisbee while the other dogs bark at him. Once in awhile Cassius will grab the frisbee before Baxter and gallop around. Or Zeke may get to it first and then a game of keep away ensues.

Then, in cold weather like this, my husband will go about his business and I will often read for a while before beginning the rest of my evening. Of course I nearly always read again later too.

These are things that I enjoy every day. I am truly blessed.