Starting the New Year Off Right


Zekie has a new friend. He and my mother-in-law’s dog Paisley have become fast friends. They played chase and wrestled until they were both soggy from play biting each other. Turns out Zeke has very good inter-dog skills. They were both exhausted by the time they were done.

This was yesterday, New Year’s Day. Because in our family, as you may remember, dogs are included in family gatherings. Because, well, they are family.

Since it was a holiday and we planned to be gone for a while, we loaded up all five dogs and took them with us to grandma’s for the afternoon. This was somewhat necessary with Zeke’s anxiety issues.

Here are Shelby, Cassius, and Zeke supervising the peeling of the potatoes.

Even Nikki came along with the rest of the crew.

And of course Baxter Puppers!

After a busy day of begging and supervising…

everyone was worn out.

We wish your family a happy and healthy New Year in 2019!