A Week in the Life

I thought I would share with you a week in the life of a Zekie Bear. Or his other name, the Zekie Monster. He has been quite busy.

Zekie moves his crate. While he is in it. May you never have a dog with this talent. On Thursday he moved his crate until he got a hold of a heavy, fleece lined hoodie. He pulled it through the slats of his crate as far as he could and shredded it into many pieces. Long strips of fabric that were wedged so tightly that it took quite a bit of work to get it out. Zeke did this once before only with a thin blanket that had been laying on top of his crate. Mercifully he does not not eat the cloth but only shreds it to pieces.

Then there is the issue Zeke has with his food bowl. This is his new bowl. It is two weeks old. I think this one is going to have a shorter life span than the last one.

Zeke had quite a day on Sunday too. We went for a hike. He walked well on leash until we encountered another dog walker. Then he lunged, barked and snarled at the other dog who continued walking obediently with his master. Seemingly thinking, what’s his problem. After the hike we took all our dogs to visit grandma and her dog Paisley. Zeke loved Paisley and played nicely with her all afternoon.

Then we started the drive home. We were behind a truck that put off some strong diesel fumes. After it turned off, my husband put all the windows down a few inches to get some fresh air. All seemed well. Things are not always as they seem. I heard what sounded liked lots of pacing from the back seat. The pacing increased. I finally said, what is going on back there. The pawing noise suddenly became frantic so I turned around. Zeke had his head stuck in the window and had been calm but was starting to flail. I yelled, put the window down. Mercifully Zeke was immediately fine and no worse for wear. I kept an eye on him but he suffered no other effects. Three other dogs were in the car and had no incident. Only Zekie.

This is why I am currently not allowed to foster any dogs. Zekie is a full time job.