Four Out of Five Ain’t Bad

When I only work a half day, it is a big deal for the dogs. It makes them happy. Shelby reacts with her “momma’s home” face. She prances around and says you must pet me. She is the overtly joyous and bossy one.

Zeke is relieved that I came back home. He can relax now and rest. He seems convinced that each time I leave will be the last and he will never see me again. Someone was recently asking me, after almost a year, he still feels this way? What can I say? He’s a smart boy. His previous owners had him for almost three years (assuming they had him from a puppy, who knows) and they left him at a County Kennel. I’m sure he loved them just as fiercely. Dogs are like that.

Baxter takes this opportunity of me coming home from work early to ask for more belly rubs. Why waste an opportunity, these things are important!

Cassius sidles up to me and leans. He is a big time leaner. It’s a good thing I’m not older. His “lean” has 70 lbs. of weight behind it. It serves his purpose, he usually gets petted.

And then there is Nikki. She is never overly impressed that I am around unless it is dinner time or there is a car ride in the offering. Nikki is a daddy’s girl.

Hey, most of the dogs are happy I’m home. Four out of five ain’t bad.