Zeke the Wonder Dog

This is Zeke the Wonder Dog. As in, I wonder what he is going to get into next. I love him, I really do. But even I must admit he’s a handful.

His biggest problem at this point is the separation anxiety. It causes him to drool excessively. And I mean a lot. Even after being gone for only a couple of hours, we come home to him covered in so much drool in his crate that his greetings leave us with large wet spots and paw prints on our clothing. Not to mention on the floor and a crate that needs to be swabbed out with a towel.

Oh, and did I mention the chewing? The anxiety also causes him to chew. Which lead to him having no remaining fangs.

Below is a picture of what Zeke’s food bowl formerly looked like.

Below is what Zeke’s food bowl looks like now.

And so Zeke has earned his title of The Wonder Dog. And yes, I do wonder what he is going to get into next.