The Top Five Best Plants Blooming in My Garden This Morning

1. Cleome

The cleome are an added bonus. We have not planted any in about five years. They are a prolific re-seeder. We just move or weed out what we don’t want and enjoy the rest.

2. Morning Glory

The morning glories are also re-seeding plants. I have never planted any. They were here when I moved into this house 14 years ago and have come back every year.

3. Gardenia

The gardenia provides blooms with a two-fold gift. Not only are they are delicate and beautiful, their scent is also divine.

4. Verbena

I have to say, this particular verbena is the best one I have ever grown. I believe it is called “Cherry Blossom”. It has become the focal point of this urn.

5. Hibiscus

The hibiscus put on such a show! They have large, tropical blooms and new ones open up every day.

Stay tuned for more photos of new blooms as they arrive!