Plants are amazing things. From tiny seeds, or sometimes bulbs, an entire plant springs forth. For most of the plants we are past the stage where they invest all their energy in growing stems and leaves. Now the buds that developed are bursting open and into flower.

The plants put on a show and enter one of the most beautiful times of the year. Certainly the most colorful.

These are all plants from our gardens and around our yard. We are blessed to live with such beauty.

This bed has plants that are loved by butterflies. We are just recently started seeing butterflies for the year but I anticipate many more to come.

And we must not forget the plants that bless us with beautiful scents. My husband brought this gardenia bush inside and tended it all winter. This is the year’s first blossom. It is the first of many as the bush is loaded with buds. On a summer’s eve few scents are sweeter.

May you enjoy similar such gifts from the lowly seed.