Foster Dog Zeke, Day 5

Needy Zeke laying on my foot.

I knew things with Zeke would not be smooth sailing all the way. No dog is perfect and as time goes by little quirks always come out. 

Zeke appears to have mild separation anxiety. I knew that every time one of us left the house and came back, even for 5 minutes, he would jump all over us. He is so ecstatic to see us that you would think we had been gone for days. 

Well today Zeke was alone for the entire afternoon. I came home and let the dogs out of their crates. Zeke’s chest and front legs were covered with drool. After putting the dogs outside and letting them back in, Zeke drank a large amount of water, and then repeatedly launched himself at me for affection. I ignored him and went about my business so as not to reward this wild behavior. He then launched himself to stand on our cherry dining room table where I was sorting mail. I’m afraid this did elicit a yell from me of “What are you doing, get down!!!” I’m only human. I was shocked rather than angry though. So I put him back outside, then let him back in to start again. Things went much better this time and he calmed down after a bit. 

I still think Zeke is a great dog. He probably didn’t have these problems before he was turned into the shelter and went through losing his home and family. With a little love and kindness he will work through this. 

I do want to caution against just repeatedly telling an anxious dog that it’s ok. Once, so they hear that your voice is calm, is fine. If you say over and over that’s it’s ok, the dog may think that you are telling him that his fear is ok. Be careful what you are reinforcing. 

Being anxious is tiring!