New Foster Dog!

New foster dog Zeke got here an hour ago. I would say he is used to being in a home. He discovered the arm of the chair within minutes. 

He has met the cats and was unimpressed. He met our other dogs in the pasture, on leash of course, and that went very well. I think he will be spending time there and playing within a couple of days. No accidents in the house so far. All in all, a very respectful guest so far.

Only one item of note. We are part of, and foster for, Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Rescue. And after looking at this dog and watching him move around for the past hour, I suspect that he has very little, if any, sheltie in him. Maybe a little Collie. If I had to guess I would say he is mostly some kind of Spitz breed. Mostly likely American Eskimo, or Samoyed. Quite possibly some Chow. 

That’s ok. We love them all and like to try different breeds. And he appears to have some of the best type of dog in him, which is the Good Dog.