Line of Cats

It’s nice to hang out with friends who “get us”. Luckily we have a few. We just had a nice visit with a friend of my husband’s who is one such person. 

Not just everyone is able to “get us”.  We have an immense love for our animals and a fondness for our old house. Not a big deal, you say? We currently live with 5 dogs and 2 cats. These are low numbers for us. 

We currently have 4 dog crates in our dining room. One fits a 70 lb greyhound. Our front entrance houses two litter boxes and a table with cat food, all barricaded by a baby gate. 

Our house was built in 1830 and comes with “charm” from olden times. The floors are uneven, the electric could stand an upgrade, the basement walls are made of stones, and the windows stick. 

But then again, there is plenty of character if you  are able to see it. There are old doors with latch type handles. There are lots of doors and windows with moldings. Curved walls in two rooms. Old fashioned sleeping nooks off the main bedroom. And older outbuildings, trees, and plantings. 

And we have room to create gardens that we enjoy since we live in the country. 

The best part though is our family that lives here with us. It’s not everywhere that you can see a line of cats outside the bathroom. 

Or a pack of dogs equally eager to snuggle or play. 

This is not the life for everyone but we call it home.