Peace Be With You Anyway 

Sometimes I think our society is getting just a little too lax on what it considers to be acceptable, or mainstream, behavior. 

For instance, one day last week, I stopped at the gas station on my way home from work. I was using a pump in between two other vehicles and the drivers apparently knew each other. One young man shouts across the pumps to the other, “I was driving home and I realized, I f**king need gas”. The other young man shouts back, “I know,  I realized I f**king need gas too”.

I wanted to yell back to them, “Do you talk to your mother with that mouth? What if there are kids in these cars that can hear you?” In hind site, I probably should have, but you never know when that crazy person is the one next to you. 

Someone I know was also out shopping last week and had two similar encounters in one day. He was joking with an employee and as he walked away, heard “f**king a**h*le. Later after making a purchase at another store, an assisting employee said “no f**k”. 

Really people? Even on the job you think it’s ok to use this kind of language? Let me give you a hint. If you care to retain employment, there are few places that would find this language to be acceptable. Or even tolerated.

I also think/wonder some other things about foul language:

  1. What do you say when you’re really upset and want to make a point? 
  2. Do you think it’s ok to talk this way in front of children? I know they’ve heard it before.  The point is, they shouldn’t think that you find it acceptable.
  3. Isn’t our society deteriorating if foul language/behaviors become the tolerated norm?
  4. Don’t you know any more descriptive words?

    Ok, I am done with my rant. If you think language of this sort is ok, at least now you know why some others of us do not feel that way. My wish for you this evening is still, …Peace be with You.