Stack of Joy

List of 9 Tomes I Checked Out of the Library Today 

Two non-fiction:

  1. The Book of Joy – by the Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu
  2. The Super Fun Times Vegan Holiday Cooking 

These books sound like they have to make my life better.  Not that it’s bad now but, hey, better is good right? And I want to have joyfully fun times while eating and knowing no animals were harmed in the making of my meal! 

Seven fiction:

  1. The Twenty Three-Thriller
  2. Black House – Stephen King & Straub
  3. Pigs In Heaven – Barbara Kingsolver (sequel to The Bean Trees so I’m excited )
  4. Perfume River – about relationships after the Vietnam War
  5. Orphan Train – somewhat self explanatory. 
  6. Christmas Joy – niece returns home to help run family farm. 
  7. A Baxter Family Christmas -a father invites the recipient of his daughter’s kidney to Christmas dinner  (Ok, the fact that one of our dog’s is named Baxter influenced me on this one.)

    And I don’t want to forget my pile of magazines!

    So if any of you ever wanted to ask me if I read much?

    ‘Little bit. 

    Yet again, life is good. Peace be with you.