10,000 Steps

Someone who loves me got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I have to admit, I am having fun with it. I thought I was fairly active and would have no trouble getting my 10,000 steps. The first day I had to charge it and set it up after spending the day away from home so didn’t get far. It logged 45 steps. 

Ok, I thought, tomorrow I’ll reach 10,000 steps, no problem. I made it to 8,454 steps and this included a walk,  albeit one cut short by rain. And I was off work. And the second full day, I got in 8,190 steps. Ok, so I can see the need for this device to make sure you get enough exercise. 

Today though,  I did it! Over 10, 000 steps and I still have two more hours before bedtime. 

Shelby thinks this new contraption is pretty awesome. She got an extra walk out of the deal. Now, to see what tomorrow brings.