This is how happy I am after hanging out with friends at our Sheltie Rescue meeting today. They are some of the kindest, most big hearted people I know.

Over the years we have learned that we have many things in common, even outside of the dog world, which is what brought us together in the first place. We share many similar interests; hiking, cooking, gardening, crafts, and a minutiae of trivia that keeps our minds busy.

We even care about each other’s families. One of my dear “sheltie friends” asked to put my mother-in-law on her church prayer list. 

And of course this love and caring extends to each other’s pets. How could it not? This was the nucleus of what brought us together. At the illness or passing of a dear family member of the furry persuasion, the condolences start pouring in, be it kind words, cards, notes, emails, the support is there. When someone has a loss, we all grieve.

But mostly the times are happy and we share love and interests of life.  What a blessing to have friends like these !