Spring Comes


Gorgeous coral colored azalea! This bush grows beside our house which was built in 1830. The bush itself is quite old judging from the size at the base of the trunk. I have never seen another azalea that is quite this color. We can’t wait for it to bloom when spring comes.

Bleeding heart

A profusion of bleeding hearts, or Dicentra, grow at our side door. The foliage is ferny and the flowers do indeed look like hearts. They are a pretty little plant.

                                  Petunial  Begonia

And these were Mother’s Day gifts. The petunia from my daughter is a beautiful color. And the begonia is from her boyfriend. How special is that?! Pretty great. I look forward to moving them outside when it warms up. The weather is slow to warm up this year. These two plants will definitely brighten things up, physically, and in my mind’s eye whenever I think of the givers.