Emotions of Dogs

Phoebe    Phoebe

Some people think dogs don’t have emotions and feelings. Look at Phoebe above. First we have the depressed, moping face. She gets this face when it has been a long time since she has gone for a car ride. Tell me the face on the right is not that of a happy dog. She can go from moping to happy in 0.5 seconds if you say the “C” word, as in c-a-r. Yes, we do lots of spelling around here. W-a-l-k, F-o-o-d, O-u-t.

  Nikki in car20150713_181953.jpg

Or how about these pictures of Nikki? Bored face and happy face. By the way, her happy face in this picture is because she is visiting with one of her friends at the nursing home. These visits always make her happy. Me too!

20151219_131114.jpg  Shelby

And how about Shelby’s sleepy face vs. her happy face? Even if you don’t attribute the same emotions to them that I do, you have to admit that they must be feeling different things in the two pictures. You must know someone to be able to read them. I think this is often true for dogs as it is in people.