Beginnings and Endings


Last weekend was beautiful, and quite possibly fall’s last hurrah so we all made the most of it. I took the opportunity to walk around our woods. The dogs kept an eye on me as they were outside enjoying the weather too. You can see that watching me is very serious business by the intense stares.


This is the path the dogs watched me amble  down. Not many leaves remained on the trees but the grass was still green and the sun was shining. Actually I took a stroll down the path to go visit Roxanne, who now resides in the doggy cemetery, after her recent passing. You can read her story elsewhere on this blog.


And this is the trail from the edge of our woods back up the hill towards the house. It is covered with a lush carpet of moss. I know from taking the class, Mosses and Bryophytes, back in my college days that this is a Polytrichum moss. They are very green and ornate.

Wood crib

As I pass the wood crib I am comforted by the piles of wood that will keep us warm this winter. We have yet to turn our boiler on for the year. In the fall we try to heat with wood. Our goal is not to turn the boiler on until December 1st. This goal has varying degrees of success depending on the severity of cold and our degree of motivation. During the dead of winter we still burn wood but it is a  supplement to our central heating system. It seems appropriate somehow as our home was built in 1830 and we use this archaic method of warmth for a significant portion of the heating season.

Baxter on the Dog house

Here is Baxter watching  my return. Of course my walk through the woods begins and ends with dogs. As it should. This is a metaphor of my life. Life is good.