A Sheltie Gathering


We had a Fall Picnic at our house over the weekend  for members of our rescue, Northeast Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, and some of our adopters came too. It was glorious to see so many shelties at our house. Even more than usual!


The thing that truly amazed me was with all those dogs running around, some of whom had never met, we didn’t have one incident. Not one scuffle, not one nip or fight. To tell you the truth, if it was going to happen I expected my dogs to be the culprits. After all, here were these strange dogs showing up on their turf. I guess with the number of foster dogs that come and go, it didn’t faze them.


It was wonderful to meet so many shelties that I had never seen before. Most of them had been through our rescue at one point or another but not all. I enjoyed meeting each and everyone. And to have the chance to see again some of the dogs that we fostered,  it was a rare treat. Blitz came with his new family. He got to go in the pasture and run with his old pack. It was heartening to how much his new family loves him.


And Miss Sassy Pants came for the afternoon. It was so good to see her and to have her gaze at me fondly as she used to do. And I, of course, gazed adoringly right back at her. Sassy has been in foster care with friends of mine and has a new prospective family coming to meet her on Tuesday. I hope they are able to appreciate her spunk and character as she deserves.


Sky, previously known as Skylar, was in attendance. Friends of ours adopted Sky so we do get the pleasure of seeing him from time to time. None the less, it was a joy to see him running with our pack again and trying to be first to catch the Frisbee. Our dogs stayed out in the pasture all afternoon because they are used to it, and to leave more room inside for other guests.


After the big shindig was over, we let our dogs into the vacated party area, which was one of our outbuildings, to hang out with us and to see and smell what all the fuss had been about. Above are Baxter, Shelby, and foster girl Sweetie playing with my daughter.


Phoebe attended the after party as an observer. Being a good greyhound she didn’t see any reason to expend excess energy.

A great day all around!