Why I Prefer to be at Home


Earlier this week I talked about why I like working four 10 hour days as opposed to the normal five 8 hour days. Today I am going to show you. Most of the time at work I am inside without access to windows. I don’t usually know if it is hot or cold, or sunny or rainy. These pictures will share some of what I see when I am at home this Friday.  Above is the clematis which is blooming early this year. It is quite spectacular.

Wygelia and Rhododendron

As I take a tour around the yard I see the Wygelia and Rhododendron in bloom beside the house. The light and dark pink complement each other nicely.

Red Buckeye Blossoms

We have two red buckeye trees and they are currently covered with these stunning red blooms.

False Indigo

The false indigo blooms in several places on our property. The extremely cold winters have been hard on it but there is still some left.

Herb Garden

I just finished weeding and mulching my herb Garden so it’s looking good. Here you can see the thyme, oergano, catnip, and globe basil in the urn.


The irises are blooming early this year. These plants have been moved and split many times. I dug them up and started moving them with me two houses ago.


These are columbine and they are  really something this year. I have moved them around the yard too.

Shelby and Baxter

And here are Shelby and Baxter waiting for me to take them in the house for lunch after being outside for a couple hours enjoying the beautiful weather. Who wouldn’t want an extra day at home with all of this?