The Blessing of Roxanne

FB_IMG_1424661520063 Happy , happy day . Received the best possible gift today. We were pretty sure we were going to lose 15 year old Roxanne. She became quite ill and seemed to be failing. She had two seizures last week and potty issues and was  refusing food. We set up a crate with the top off in the  living room so she could be close without us cleaning up so many  messes. She did still  continue to get up for water and to go outside. She went so many days without food that I got lunch meat and gave it to her like pills. I  have been expecting the worst for more than a week. Yesterday she ate some rigatoni that she begged for and some dog treats at bedtime. Today she ate all her dry dog food on her own and wanted more at both meals. Also begged from our plates and seems like her old self. I  never thought I would shed tears  because a dog ate dry kibble!  She is also getting up to bark when we go outside or it is time to eat. The sound that we previously found annoying and a nuisance is now beautiful music to our ears.  Oh glorious day! Looks like we will have Roxanne to enjoy for a while longer.