Why it takes me so long to get anywhere in the morning…


Why am I always running late in the morning you might ask.  Today was a typical morning at our house.  All I had to do was make it to an appointment by 8:30 am.  Sounds simple enough. Upon awakening I find my slippers and go downstairs to let the dogs out. Those that slept in crates are released to join the others and go outside in our fenced dog yard. I go to the kitchen to make coffee which is number 2 on the agenda.  Romeo, one of our 14 year old cats, follows me meowing urgently and getting underfoot while telling me off for not making getting his canned cat food number 1 on the agenda.   Romeo just had all his teeth removed last week and is getting canned food every morning. I lock Romeo in the bathroom with the food so the other cats don’t steal it. I must rush to close the door so the other cats don’t charge in. This does not make them happy. They prowl around outside the door while giving me dirty looks. I hurry to let the dogs back inside as it is very cold out.  I hold the door open, letting the warm air out and the cold in, while waving my arm furiously at Roxanne to motion her into the house.  She is mostly deaf and arthritic so this takes a good while. Then I help her up the four steps to the main level as she is too stiff to make it on her own.

Now it is time to get the fire in the wood burner going again as it has nearly died out during the night. I gather wood shavings, newspaper, and more wood from the stand beside the fireplace.  Assemble all and light it. It takes off quickly as there were still coals left over.  We do have fuel oil heat but burning wood helps to keep the heating costs down.  So with the single digit temperatures, burning wood is a much desired thing.

Back to animal patrol. I let Romeo out of the bathroom before he starts yowling and flinging the empty cat food can around to signal that he is done. I must rinse the sink out where I feed Romeo because he is a messy eater, and then take the empty can to rinse and put in the recycling.  Then it’s time to pass out morning meds for the animals.  The first one is easy. Roxanne gets a pill for urinary issues and it’s beef flavored and chewable so no problem. The next pill is for our foster dog Sassy, pictured above. She has liver issues and gets a daily pill for 30 days to help with healing her liver.  The pill is very large. The vet says most people have trouble giving it.  Sassy is a good girl so that goes without incident. Last is our cat Lacey who needs an antibiotic for a sinus infection. First I must find her which takes a couple of minutes. And I must load the medicine into the “pill shooter” which helps with pilling cats. Lacey is mostly a docile type of cat so that’s not too bad.

The worst is over with getting ready for the day.  Now I can take a few minutes to shower and get myself ready. I do this and lastly, grab my lunch bag which I packed the day before, pour some coffee in a travel mug, and grab a book to throw in my work bag and away I go!  BTW, life is good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s a small price to pay for the privilege of living with my animal friends!