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Life Is Short, Have Fun!

This is what I saw when I looked into the office area opposite from mine at work. Lest we forget, happier people are more productive.

And the beverage glass is actually a tape dispenser so this is appropriate for the work place. Besides, it’s not an every day occurrence. I came in the next day and the rabbit was sitting up and looking very productive, wearing a pair of eyeglasses. 😁


Clay Art-Heart

Blessings are all around us, we just have to be aware of them.

My coworker flipped his calendar to November and it is still October. You may wonder how this could possibly be a blessing. Maybe I’ve just lost it? I think not. (At least not because of this!) The calendar has people, organizations, or groups to pray for each day.  And a monthly picture of someone in need of prayer. It is quite a worthy calendar. I appreciate this calendar.

However the picture for October was of someone undergoing some type of water torture. I suspect it was water boarding but I am not knowledgeable about such things. The picture was unpleasant and I walked by it every time I left my desk. One day last week I peeked at the photo for November and commented, “Oh good, the photo for next month is not as distressing” and gave a little chuckle.

This week, with an entire week of October remaining, I notice that the calendar is flipped to November. It was not pointed out to me, just done as a kind gesture.

To be sure, the poor gentleman on the calendar was worthy of needing prayers. I just happen to be sensitive to these kinds of things and they become imprinted on my mind.

What a blessing to have such a compassionate, caring office mate. May God bless him, as well as the gentleman in the photograph, and his tormenters.

Miss Bossy Pants


This is the face of a confident dog. You would think that’s a good thing. And most of the time it is. I can take her anywhere. Shelby is good at dog events with hundreds of people present. Shelby is very good at her job visiting a local nursing home. She is good around new dogs because she is confident enough not to be afraid. She is also pretty obedient so she is easy to take places.

Shelby, exuding confidence
Shelby, exuding confidence

But sometimes her confidence crosses the line a little. She thinks she knows how the world should be. Such as on Monday mornings when I head out the door for the start of the work week. Shelby gives me the stink eye. She glares a dirty look at me for leaving the pack again. Maybe she does know how the world should be. It would be great to stay home.

Shelby also gets upset at heavy rains and thunderstorms. Not like any normal dog though. She is not afraid. She gets angry and barks at thunder and high winds to tell them off. I suspect she thinks that she is in control because the bad weather does go away after she voices her opinion for long enough. Sometimes we put her in her crate during bad weather so we can have some peace and quiet. This makes Shelby indignant because she can not do her job.

What a blessing to have a dog like Shelby with so much personality. Bossy dogs rule!

All Good Things Must Come to an End 

I’m not sure why all good things must come to an end but my five days off work end tomorrow. 

My employer has this silly policy whereby they expect me to report to work every so often in order to continue receiving my paycheck. I am not sure who came up with this plan but alas I will be back at my desk and working in the lab tomorrow. 

(In reality, I like my job just fine, but there are no dogs there. All things are better with dogs! )